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Stephanie de Montigny, Photographer

Hi there everyone! My name is Stephanie de Montigny, and I am much more than just a photographer hiding behind a lens or a computer screen. You all share so much with me by allowing me to document such important moments in your lives, so I am going to share my story with you.

Stephanie in one paragraph? I am a graduate from the University of Ottawa with Arts and Education degrees. I’ve lived in the Ottawa/Gatineau area for just over 6 years now (as of 2014), and have come to love the intertwined worlds of business core and wilderness (more so the wilderness part). I have always been the artsy type of person, and also a math geek. I knit and sew in my spare time. I have raised a beautiful and semi-well behaved squirrel. I am a lover of all things food, despite the challenge of having many allergies. I think that’s the essence of “me”.

Why I became a photographer? That’s a longer story..

I discovered photography at a young age, in the era of film and was going through rolls almost every week. My passion really took off in high school with the newly invented art of digital photography. I took courses to understand the inner workings of a camera, and I’ve come a long way in terms of composition, lighting, and can experiment a little more. Of course shooting in manual versus automatic gives you a lot more control.  I jumped into the semi-professional field after I graduated university when I realized I wanted a career that allowed me to be creative. I soon found myself able to practice on families, couples, pregnant women, newborns, children, small weddings, and even a retail company. It was exciting; I wanted more! After a year of portfolio building, I decided to specialize in newborn photography. That type really spoke to me, and I decided that’s what I wanted to focus on.  I took more courses and seminars on anything from lighting and prop-making to how to wrap and position the babies. Of course the education process is never ending in a world like ours, but I have accumulated enough knowledge to officially call myself a professional photographer and offer the photography and print services with outstanding quality. A few years later, as much as I loved newborns, I realized I wasn’t ready to give up weddings and was missing them, so I separated into two companies and now continue to offer both: Pure Natural Newborn Photography | Birth, Belly and Baby and Stephanie’s Photographs | Family & Wedding and this allows me to offer personalized experiences for each style. I absolutely love to photograph happy people in love! I capture couples in posed and candid situations to create a story with every engagement session and wedding. I strive to make every photoshoot an experience to remember and enjoy, versus simply a portrait session. 

Why I love what I do? I love having the luxury of being able to provide such precious memories to couples and families that they will forever cherish. Art is meant to be displayed, not hidden in a drawer, so I make sure to provide the best products available for my clients to display their memories. To be able to single-handedly offer something that seems so simple, and have it mean the world to the recipient, is one of the greatest feelings in the world. I create art for myself, but heirlooms for clients.

I offer small product photography and SEO maintenance for local businesses. These keep the analytical half of my brain active. I also keep up crafty appearances with various DIY tutorials.

Where does the story end? I honestly hope it doesn’t :)
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