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Adorable Newborn Baby Photos of the lovely Amélia Grace

I am pleased to introduce the one and only little Miss Amélia Grace on behalf of her fabulous parents Anthony and Justine (who by the way recently came in for their maternity photography session too!).

This little gal was the most perfect baby for newborn photography. She has officially won the award for best sleeper, and holds the current record for most poses and setups during a custom newborn portrait session with a whopping 8! That’s right, EIGHT! All we needed was a quick 20 minute feed about an hour into her session and then not a peep or poop until we were done.

Of course to hold a record you need proof, so here they are ladies and gentlemen.. The fabulous variety of newborn setups and poses we were able to achieve with little miss sleeping beauty. They will go perfectly with her yellow and grey nursery :)

gatineau-newborn-photography-creamy-white-airy-newborn-baby-prop-setup-wrapped-tushie-up-stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-gatineau-newborn-photographer gatineau-newborn-photography-creamy-yellow-airy-newborn-baby-prop-setup-wrapped-tushie-up-stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-gatineau-newborn-photographer gatineau-newborn-photography-turquoise-yellow-newborn-baby-little-macro-details-toes-lips-milk-bubble-stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-gatineau-newborn-photographer gatineau-newborn-photography-turquoise-mustard-yellow-newborn-baby-wood-farmhouse-bowl-prop-setup-wrapped-stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-gatineau-newborn-photographer gatineau-newborn-photography-turquoise-blue-sparkly-newborn-baby-prop-setup-taco-pose-stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-gatineau-newborn-photographergatineau-newborn-photography-turquoise-blue-sparkly-newborn-baby-prop-setup-taco-pose-grey-flower-tieback-stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-gatineau-newborn-photographer-blog-collagegatineau-newborn-photography-turquoise-blue-mauve-plum-flowery-blue-crate-newborn-baby-prop-setup-arms-up-front-facing-pose-stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-gatineau-newborn-photographer gatineau-newborn-photography-black-matte-newborn-baby-dad-hands-facing-forward-arms-up-setup-stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-gatineau-newborn-photographer

Gorgeous Family Newborn Portraits with new Parents Justine & Anthony

Of course we can’t forget the lovely newborn family photography part of the session. Some moms may fight back thinking they don’t look their best, but I always make it my mission to include at least one or two newborn family photos, one Mommy & Baby portrait, and one Daddy & Baby picture.  These three setups make for a fabulous keepsake for your little baby later in life, and for you too! The truth is you are beautiful (even if you don’t feel like it), and your little baby will always think momma is the prettiest mom ever. Don’t let anything stand in your way of creating memories with your child and family. This momma certainly didn’t need convincing; look at those gorgeous smiles! Enjoy holding your little baby and I will capture that emotion.

I even snuck in a few custom black and white family photos for mom, who like myself is a sucker for creamy classic images. There’s nothing quite like capturing candid moments of a new family, and immortalizing that “look” that new parents have when staring at their newborn baby, the new life they’ve created and love.

gatineau-newborn-photography-creamy-newborn-family-photography-stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-gatineau-newborn-photographer gatineau-newborn-photography-creamy-black-and-white-newborn-family-photography-stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-gatineau-newborn-photographer gatineau-newborn-photography-creamy-white-airy-newborn-and-mom-mother-momma-baby-setup-wrapped-curly-pose-stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-gatineau-newborn-photographer gatineau-newborn-photography-creamy-white-airy-newborn-and-dad-father-papa-baby-setup-wrapped-curly-pose-stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-gatineau-newborn-photographer

How do I book a session?

You can call Stephanie directly at 613-371-4594 or email to find out the best availability for your portrait session. Newborn photography sessions are best captured within the first 2 weeks from birth, Maternity portraits are the most flattering between weeks 26-36, and Family portrait sessions are most popular in the spring and fall.

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