Little Amelie was not a big sleeper at 6 weeks old, but we made it work. Her twin brother baby Olivier was just as adorable so we gave them each their own post.

Sometimes it’s nice to let the baby’s mould into their own comfortable position from the original pose you put them in. thye just get that natural relaxed look and start to really doze off..


Baby finger nails still amaze me; the way they are so perfect from birth, so little and miniature, almost like a porcelain doll..Olivier-and-Amelie_STF1681-bw-WM

And those toes! Little toesies always make me smile. Particularly when they are so perfect and just fit together..Olivier-and-Amelie_STF1658-bw-WM

Who can do anything but smile back at this gorgeous little baby girl’s smile.. We all know what fun stuff was left for us afterwards, but we also know that it’s totally worth the shot!


Little baby Amelie and her twin brother Olivier closed their eyes for a fraction of a minute; just long enough for me to snap one adorable image that their parents will cherish forever. I can’t wait for them to receive their huge wall print! Just look how adorable they are :)


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