It’s that time of year again.. The kids are off to school and family members are patiently waiting for this year’s school portraits. There’s just something about being able to put that picture up on your wall or your fridge for you to see end enjoy everyday. My grandparents loved it when we sent them pictures, and even more when it was one that was unique from the rest that they could have a larger copy at home, and a smaller one at the office.

As much as a volume school photographer photo is great and convinient, it’s not always the most personable experience. Plus, you’re always worrying if litte Suzie is going to pull out those lucious curls you spent hours creating that morning, or if rambunctious Johnny is going to stain his nice button up shirt over lunch before their portrait time. Then there’s the lack of choice: you get two images to choose from (sometimes even just one). Most of the time they look fine, but sometimes there all you have, and there’s always retakes..if you qualify. I remember in grade 9 when the photographer refused to let me fix my hair before the portrait, or even see a mirror. I can’t tell you how much I despised that portrait with the desheveled hair on one side of my head being hung on my families walls, fridges, and on my dad’s desk for all to see :( I could not wait until the next year’s portrait day!

How would you like to get them done professionally, and have them look great? No worrying about their hair or outfit between leaving home and getting their portrait. No worrying about the choices not being sufficient. No worrying about them being the same as last year. I can promise you that you will have multiple poses and backgrounds to choose from, your own personal online gallery of images, and the personal care I put into all my sessions to make sure mom&dad AND child are happy. Your portrait session with Stephanie’s Photographs will be a positive experience rather than just a “picture day”. How about those of you who have home-schooled children? This is a perfect solution for professional portraits to send to friends and family, and an annual opportunity.

Well, it’s official; Stephanie’s Photographs Back-to-School mini sessions are open for booking! There are 3 different locations to choose from across Ottawa/Gatineau, on three different dates throughout September and October. [If there’s enough interest, a fourth will be added] there will be awesome props like an antique desk, books, an apple or two, and of course we will also photograph your child on their own (no props) so they are the star of the portrait. All your images will be available for viewing in an online gallery from which you can order prints, digital files, and more. There are sibling add-on pricing for larger families, so no need to be spending hundreds of dollards for each child’s portraits.

Say NO to boring, identical school portraits, and YES to unique true-personality back-to-school portraits you know you and your family will LOVE! Offering custom photography at affordable pricing.
Call 613 371 4594 or email to book today! A 20$ deposit is required to reserve your spot. Remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your session date. Payments accepted: email transfer, paypal, credit card, or cash.

Saturday August 17th – Jacques Cartier Park (Gatineau)
Sunday September 14th – Gatineau Park
Saturday September 22nd – Corkstown Rd. Trail (Kanata)
Sunday October 20th – Petrie Island Park (Orleans)

Did you know? You also get a 50% off family portraits opportunity for 2013 holiday cards with the purchase of mini session.