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Choosing the right Photographer for YOU

There is some truth when people say “choosing a photographer is like buying a car”. You can’t just google good car or best car and pick the first one that comes up. You have to do a little more research than that; look at many types and brands until you find one that suits your style and most of all that fits YOUR needs. Sometimes you even need to test-drive a few before finding one that you love.

Same thing goes for finding a good photographer. Of course your first step is to search newspapers, online, and by referrals which good photographers are in your area or within a reasonable distance to travel to. Heck some even travel to you! So you’ve opened google and searched your key words: location and session type (newborn, maternity, engagement, family, etc.). You’re then bombarded with hundreds of ads and websites that offer those services.

Now this is where the real searching comes into play. You have to visit the websites and their portfolios; this is the only way you will see if the photographer is right for you. Of course you have something in mind when you start your search for a photographer, but it is possible to change once you see all the different styles out there and what is possible with today’s technology.  You will also want to keep an eye out for technical things like brightness, colour, sharpness, and fuzziness of images. These specs are crucial to great images, and professionals need to nail all of them to create great art. I was asked to guest-write an article for baby registry, and once it’s live I will post the link to a picture-book of references for you to follow when searching for your photographer.

That should help you narrow your search to about 10 or less photographers. Now that you have your style of images decided, you need to have an idea of what you’d like to do with the images. If you have no clue, don’t worry! Professional photographers have a consultation process where they speak with you about how you want your session, what they offer in terms of services and print products, and often enough will give you plenty of ideas for your session. After the deposit is paid, they will plan your session in great detail from the date, to the colour socks you or your child will be wearing. They will guide you through the entire process from the moment you choose to contact them, to the moment you pickup your ordered products. Some will even come setup your artwork with you in your home. A professional photographer will make your investment worth every penny..or should I say nickel now?

Of course then arises the need for discussion about budget factor. Many professional photographers don’t include full pricing directly on their website; they’ll have averages and perhaps session fees, but for specific product pricing you may have to email or call to ask them about their services and product lists. They will be more than happy to go over details, to ask you all the right questions to guide you through your decision, go through all your desires, and establish whether they are the right photographer to fit YOUR needs. Once you’ve decided on 1-3 photographers that fit your needs, you need to have the consultation as mentioned above and then make your choice by looking at ALL the factors, not just price. Sometimes meeting the photographer in-person makes your choice much easier. Pick the person you like, who’s photography style you like, who’s images and products you’ll love to have proudly displayed on your wall or in an album. Here is a great blog post with 10 key questions to ask any potential photographers for your upcoming newborn session.

The trick to finding a great photographer is finding one who’s portraits you love, not one that “fits your wallet”.

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