Gatineau Ottawa Family Photographer

Gatineau Ottawa Family Photographer

Family Portrait Sessions

Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution. That being said, photography is more than just a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art. The reason being; you don’t take a photograph, you make it.Ansel Adams

I could not have said it better myself, though I can certainly elaborate.. To me, capturing family portraits is a very important part of life. As a luxury service, professional photographers such as myself make family portraits it into a creative experience instead of a task, and pride ourselves on being and to capture moments and transform them into art. I ensure that you (and your kids) enjoy having your portraits captured just as much as seeing the final product on display in your home. As a firm believer in creating something with your photographs, I guide you through the experience from start to finish. I help you conceptualize your family portrait session (colours, theme, style, etc.) and guide you through the process of deciding what products are best for your home and family needs (album, wall art, both?). From there we decide on the best location to achieve your dream portraits. Then we have FUN during your photoshoot with some posed and candid moments, and then at your ordering session, I help you decide which of your favourite images are best used in your desired products, and we start to create works of art for you to proudly display in your home.

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The Booking Process

While it is encouraged to book months in advance to be able to fully plan your session, it is not mandatory as we do often have last minute spots in non-peak season. Regardless if you book 6 months, 6 weeks, or 6 days in advance, there will always be a consultation process that allows us to fully customize your photography experience. The aim is to create an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved, and create a memorable experience for your family, and of course create art from those portraits. To reserve your session date and time, you must put forth a booking deposit in form of the full payment of your creation fee. This non-refundable payment is due within 48 hours of booking your date & time, or it may be released to another client. All payments are subject to our rescheduling and cancellation policies¹.


The Pre-Session Consultation

While it is encouraged to book months in advance to be able to fully plan your session, it is not mandatory as we can often do some great last minute planning and create a great portrait experience. The consultation will take place over the phone, or in certain situations it can be done via e-form through our website. We go over every little detail from wardrobe, to posing, to colours, in order to make sure you are happy with every aspect of your images. Then we make sure that your location and wardrobe options coordinate to create a seamless photograph. For example, if you pick a beach or forest location, everyone should be wearing the same style (usually semi-casual). In short, we make sure everyone is dressed as if they are going to the same event (ex: rodeo, pic-nic or wedding; not half and half).  Throughout, we will discuss different products options (in-person consultations are best as you get to see and feel the sample products), and your preferences will help me guide you through wardrobe and location choices.

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The Session

Family Portrait sessions are usually at a local park in Gatineau or Ottawa. A family portrait session consists of posed portraits and capturing candid moments. For the posed portraits, we try to capture 2 or 3 photographs with the entire family, 2 or 3 with the siblings, 1 or 2 of each child individually, 1 or 2 of mom and dad, and a few others of any desired combination in between (mom and kids, the boys & the girls, etc.). Candid photographs are unpredictable, but our goal is to capture the love, emotion, and interaction in between family members. Portrait sessions range from 45 minutes up to 90 minutes. Your personalized gallery will consist of 15-20 beautifully edited photographs for shorter sessions, and up to 40 for longer sessions that allow for candid captures. We do occasionally offer studio sessions for families with small children (limited space, typically very few candid shots, similar poses on one or two backgrounds). These sessions are great for winter sessions (we all now how cold it gets in Ottawa) and holiday card sessions where the aim is for 1 or 2 great shots of the family, and some of the kids.
Generation Portrait sessions (ex: Grandparent, Parent, Child) can be included in this category (full family session) when there are 5 or less participants, otherwise it is considered an extended family session (see below).

Extended Family Portrait sessions can last up to 3 hours all depending on the size of the group, in order to make sure we can capture all the smaller groupings of each individual family as well. Each session is different because each family is different. We are custom professional photography, so we customize the poses, location, wardrobe, etc. to fit what preferences you’ve previously discussed with your professional photographer. We also customize the experience based on the type of product you are purchasing. For those investing in an album, we emphasize on telling the story of your family, and for a wall gallery (multiple large wall prints) we focus on getting many different images by varying poses, wardrobe, and location. Please note, these types of portraits are not mutually exclusive (we mix it up for you). Your personalized gallery will consist of 5-15 beautifully edited photographs per immediate family in addition to large group shots.


Investment & Pricing Information

The creation fee covers the time and talent of the photographer to create your proofing gallery. This gallery is to be revealed at your personalized ordering session, approximately 2 weeks after your session.

Creation Fee* – $99 Short / $199 Full / $299 Extended
*Covers time & talent of photographer only. Prints and/or digital files are to be purchased additionally from the creation fee. Wall Art Prints start at $200. Portrait Albums and Image Boxes start at $600. Digital file add-ons start at $250. Full price list available at consultation.

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The Ordering Process

Two (up to four in peak season) weeks following your session date, we will get together for an ordering session to go over your images. During this appointment, we will look over the sample products and decide which items you would like to purchase. We have a few exclusive collections to choose from upon booking and a-la-carte menu items are also available for many of our products. Following your purchase, you will have access to an online gallery to share with friends and family. From this gallery, you may download the branded (watermarked) images to use for social media and email sharing until your print order arrives. Print orders will be available for studio pickup approximately 2-3 weeks later (albums are hand-bound and can take 4-6 weeks from final approval).

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Additional retouching is included with every large wall art piece or album purchased. For prints smaller than 16×24, additional retouching service can be purchased per image.

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