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In the midst of Gatineau Park you will find living creatures from miniature ants to large wolves and the occasional bear. Luckily, the only obstacle we faced for this engagement photoshoot was the waist-high snow throughout the forest. As you will see by the fabulous photographs achieved at the Mackenzie King Estate, the exhausting and wet hike was totally worth it!

Engagement Photography at it’s best

I absolutely love it when I get get a couple to relax and engage in conversation and silly antics. It really helps to get those nice candid shots all while being posed, and best of all we capture genuine smiles and laughter. Sometimes some silly faces even sneak their way in.

stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-engagement-photographer-gatineau-couple-photographer-YELLOWHOUSE-3Details & Close-ups

I’ve been asked why I decided to specialize in newborn photography when I was so talented at capturing couples portraits, and really good at getting them to loosen up. The secret weapon I have is my love for detailed macro shots. I like to get right up in my subject’s business and capture those ever important details. That’s my true speciality. And with newborn photography, almost the whole session is close details, and the intricate posing really gets my brain working. And heck, who doesn’t love babies!

Now, back to this lovely couple. Even though you barely see any part of this couple in these portrait, you can still feel the love radiate from the way they held onto this adorable snow heart.  There’s a whole new meaning to the expression “they just made my heart melt” because they really did melt it into nothing.. Do you see the gorgeous ring nice and snuggled in there? Mmm, details..

stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-engagement-photographer-gatineau-couple-photographer-HEART-wmstephaniesphotographs-ottawa-engagement-photographer-gatineau-couple-photographer-RING-wmSome may say these portraits are cliché, but you know what? Cliché is cliché for a reason! It means that through time, many people and generations have loved these types of cutesy portraits. Besides, I make a special point to make sure these images are unique as can be, while incorporating a little bit of the couple’s personality and style. I could have just put the scrabble letters and ring to spell LOVE on the playing board, but since this was a very outdoorsy couple I made sure to include that aspect in their images. The mossy rock and icy snow really add some depth to this shot.stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-engagement-photographer-gatineau-couple-photographer-LOVE-wm

Capturing the Connection

I’ve been photographing couples for years, and it’s always nice to capturing the connection of a couple who is soon to get married. They still have all those jittery emotions, honeymoon glazed smiles, and just pure love. I especially love when couples choose the uniquely them shots that truly portray their personality and connection, and often enough those are never posed & looking straight at the camera. I can’t wait to see what wall gallery this couple creates with their images!

stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-engagement-photographer-gatineau-couple-photographer-YELLOWHOUSE-2stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-engagement-photographer-gatineau-couple-photographer-YELLOWHOUSE-1stephaniesphotographs-ottawa-engagement-photographer-gatineau-couple-photographer-BARN-wmCongratulations to the loving couple

I had a fantastic time with Lesley and Devon trekking through the hills and valleys of snow, and even though I’m sure we all spent a few hours roasting by our fireplaces afterwards with a nice cup of hot cocoa or a comforting glass of wine, it was totally worth the obstacle course and I would totally do it again! I can’t say the same for them, but they sure were troopers.


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