Kim & Shayne’s Maternity Portrait Session

Studio Maternity Photography Session

I was very happy to welcome Kim & Shayne into the studio for the intimate portion of their maternity photography session. Mom to Be got to relax as our makeup artist made her magic happen, to go along with the gorgeous hair style she got done that morning.  It’s always nice to hear that clients invest in their overall look for their session, and really make it into a joyous experience they will remember forever. It’s all part of the Premium Maternity Package and women love it!

Before & After

Here’s a little before & after for you. Pretty girl before, and gorgeous woman after!before-and-after-maternity-glamour-makeup

Gorgeous Maternity Portraits

I absolutely LOVE the spring colours this gorgeous couple brought to their maternity portrait session! that mint dress and his lovely handsome plaid button up shirt to match. They really know how to dress well, and correctly combine texture and patterns to remain flattering and cohesive. Mint and pink are just fabulous this season! Don’t worry, you’ll receive a ‘what to wear’ guide if you need help for your session ;)

newborn-photography-maternity-photography-Kim-Maternity-baby-bellynewborn-photography-maternity-photography-Kim-Maternity-baby-belly-kissingnewborn-photography-maternity-photography-Kim-Maternity-baby-belly-mint-dress-grey-crystal-branewborn-photography-maternity-photography-Kim-Maternity-baby-belly-intimateI can’t wait to capture the “after” version of this portrait. We’ll be “replacing” the belly with her soon to arrive daughter for a priceless Mommy&Baby portrait. I love these types of images because they really showcase the perfection of a pregnant woman’s body and baby bump.

newborn-photography-maternity-photography-Kim-Maternity-baby-belly-intimate-sideviewnewborn-photography-maternity-photography-Kim-Maternity-baby-belly-maternity-gown-DIYThese little red newborn baby shoes are even more adorable in person when they glisten in the light. These shoes are actually from a company that donates shoes to children in need across the world with every pair purchased. How awesome is that!?

newborn-photography-maternity-photography-Kim-Maternity-newborn-shoesI love to include family heirlooms and important items into maternity and/or newborn sessions because it means a lot to them. This Rangers hockey jersey belonged to Kim’s dad, and when it was gifted to her upon his passing, she was super excited to incorporate into her maternity and newborn photography sessions. They even have a little mini jersey for their daughter Scarlett. I can’t wait to capture them together :)


Outdoor Maternity Photography Session

We then dressed up warmly for the brisk Ottawa Gatineau snowy weather and headed to a nearby golf course to take advantage of the snowy hills and winter trees. Kim and Shayne were troopers on this windy morning, and we were able to capture some gorgeous maternity portraits.

newborn-photography-maternity-photography-Kim-Maternity-baby-belly-outdoor-winter-snow-engagement-portraits-heart newborn-photography-maternity-photography-Kim-Maternity-baby-belly-outdoor-winter-snow-engagement-portraitsnewborn-photography-maternity-photography-Kim-Maternity-baby-belly-outdoor-winter-snow-engagement-portraits-ring

Seeing all these wonderful images reminds me why I love being a maternity photographer, and even more excited to capture their daughter’s newborn portraits soon!

How do I book a session?

You can call Stephanie directly at 613-371-4594 or email to find out the best availability for your portrait session. Newborn photography sessions are best captured within the first 2 weeks from birth, Maternity portraits are the most flattering between weeks 26-36, and Family portrait sessions are most popular in the spring and fall.

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