For those of you who’ve been to the studio, or have had me travel to their home, you know the amount of space I use for newborn and maternity sessions. Of course the more space there is, the more flexibility you have, but that doesn’t mean you are limited if you have very little space.

What I absolutely need to capture a great photograph: a large bay window or patio doors, and about a 5×5 space. This is for space only..of course it requires my camera, lens, prop setup, and the knowledge on how to bring it all together.  My studio is about 10×12 feet, one wall being all windows, so to me this is a luxury. I have my prop storage, my photography space, and soon my viewing station as well, all in this tiny space. It IS possible in almost ANY sized space.

Here are a few pullbacks (view from afar, not cropped closely so you can see the setup) of some of our setups, and the final images done in the setup. Notice the backdrop versus the final photo; some take more work than others, but small spaces should not halt your creativity but instead should let it thrive.

Look at this child-sized setup used for this gorgeous mom-to-be shot. These little setups are so convenient for adding  variety to sessions, especially for our customers who come back every few months for their child’s milestones. Of course
I have a few larger setups meant for adult and family use, but sometimes these little setups are just what I need for a great shot.

Alexandra-0570e-_before-and-after_compare-collage_gatineau-maternity-photographerLook what gorgeous images you can create with a bare-bone setup! Of course you need to have quite a bit of other skills than just photography (lighting, posing, LR and/or Photoshop). There are plenty of online tutorials and in-person classes you can attend to learn.  Below is another pullback shot of a maternity image on a simple black backdrop that can be transformed into a masterpiece with a little post-processing.Khlood-6429-sooc_gatineau-maternity-photographyKhlood-6438-edits-collage_gatineau-maternity-photography

I’d love to see your pullback and final comparisons! Send them to and I’ll post them below and link to your website :)

Grey plank floor by Bits and Bobs Galore