I remember when my mother and I used to sit down for hours, trimming photographs and putting them in our photo albums. Though I distinctly remember complaining that it was boring every single time, I am super glad we did. I love remember those moments with her and it’s probably why I am so passionate about creating visual memories and leaving behind a legacy for our children. The tradition started in our family when my grandmother scrapbooked with my mother. She may not be around anymore, but every once in a while, I still sneak into my mom’s cedar chest and pull out old albums just to see the photos again and “go back to those days”. It’s just one of those things.. Photographs always bring back memories, and it’s a much more enjoyable and interactive experience to feel each page as you turn to the next than to click through an image folder on a computer.

At Stephanie’s Photographs there are different albums for different needs. While our wedding customers enjoy our high-end leather albums to hold their once-in-a-lifetime memories of joining their lives, others who are starting (or expanding) a family enjoy our quality portrait albums that they can get every year and make a collection of them. Our milestone clients typically get our mini albums, which allow for the same quality as our larger albums, and save on space on the coffee table or bookshelf. It also allows them to get a larger album at the end of baby’s first year. Regardless of your portrait needs and desires, we have an album for you. Even better, we design it for you so you get to benefit from the experience of looking through the album with friends and family without the “mom, my finger is stuck to the page again” moments. Save those moments for other family times.

Below is an example of one of our album options. This example in particular is of an annual family portrait session in the gorgeous fall colours of Ottawa in October.

harcover album sample-1bwm

photo covers on our smaller books allow for customization


harcover album sample-9

you have the option to include text along the spine, in any desired colour


harcover album sample-11

the open spine allows for the pages to lay flat


harcover album sample-6

all of our albums lay flat, with no crease in the middle


harcover album sample-4

the pages are professionally bound together, and to the cover




harcover album sample-10

all of our albums have thick pages, lined with rigid plastic sheets for sturdy pages


harcover album sample-8wm

the photo cover albums have a textured finish to prevent fingerprints from showing


harcover album sample-7wm

our albums are printed on real photo paper for quality and that allows for images to spread across two pages with no crease


harcover album sample-5

albums make great coffee table centerpieces, they make great gifts in smaller sizes, and are perfect for guestbooks.

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