Professional Wall Art

Museum Grade Gallery Wrap Canvas Wall Art

The first thing that comes to mind to a regular person is ‘canvas what?’ because really, what the heck does that sentence of a name really mean? I could go on and on to explain that it is a picture printed onto high quality canvas material, then mounted onto a .75 inch or 1.5 inch thick wooden frame, that the corners are then wrapped around the frame and stapled, and the whole thing is sealed like they do in museums, but so what? What the heck that that even mean!? Well, they say a picture is worth one thousand words, so here is an image novella.

wall-art-samples-canvas-standout-prints-sample-canvas-mommy-and-meThe corners on these canvases are one of the tightest in the industry, if not the best. It’s a trade secret on how they can achieve this (not even us photographers know!) but as a clientele, tight corners means long-lasting, durable wall art. Notice how the backing isn’t just a piece of paper to cover up the “ugly framing”? It’s a super thick and ridgid cardstock meant to serve as extra support, in addition to the added beauty and durability. It really adds that extra bit of high quality to the art piece.wall-art-samples-canvas-standout-prints-edges

All our canvases come ready-to-hang. That means that once it arrives in your home, you remove it from the packaging and hang it up. You will however need something to hang it on, and it is strongly recommended to use heavy-duty plugs and medium sized screws as these pieces are solid and quite heavy. They come with the sturdy gator-tooth hanger, and even wall bumpers so your wall art hangs straight and even to the wall.wall-art-samples-canvas-standout-prints-backing

The image below is a closeup shot of the texture on the canvas. It was converted to greyscale so you can focus on the texture and not the colour or the image. The distortion is cause by the camera angle used to photograph the gorgeous texture, and look how it is a lovely smooth texture. I was never a big fan of canvas printing because of the rough textures that caused the image to look fuzzy or grainy, however once I discovered this high quality vendor who’s texture mimicked that of a textured print..  I fell in love instantly! and so will you! They are even given a museum grade protective coat to protect them from dust and moisture, so they can be wiped with a damp cloth with no risk of smudging or bleeding inks. So if you happen to have a low-hanging print that is accessible to children, you don’t need to worry too much about them touching it with their teeny tiny sticky fingers. wall-art-samples-canvas-standout-prints-texture

Our studio is equipped with a lovely sample of the gallery wrapped canvas art, that you are welcome to touch, feel, carry and fully see the value in this amazing piece of art. Now imagine it with your family’s maternity, family, or newborn portraits..

High Quality Mounted Print Standout Wall Art

Again, what is that really? How is it different that a regular print? Is it like canvas? These are all typical questions when trying to explain this amazing product. You will never truly understand until you’ve held it in your hands, but images are almost as good. For the artists and techies who really do want to know all the specs: it is a professionally printed picture on high quality photograph paper, specially mounted onto a .75 inch or 1.5 inch thick plasticized foam board.

And for the rest of us who are visual people.. You will notice that from afar, these are VERY similar to the canvas pieces. That’s because they are both designed to looks like professional prints, displayed without an outer frame. The biggest difference is their weight. While the canvas can weigh a few pounds, the standouts weigh practically nothing. Just ask my friend.. I tossed her one across the room (don’t try this at home) and instead of being completely angry or injured, she had a smile on her face at the delight of how light it was. A better analogy might have been to say that I use thumbtacks and/or finishing nails to hang them in the studio, but we all know I prefer adventures!wall-art-samples-canvas-standout-prints-sample-standout-twinsHere is the back and side-views of the mounted standout prints. You will notice that the sides are once again, very similar to canvas, and the picture is thinly mounted to the backing. The standouts have multiple mounting options available: black, white, bamboo, stainless, and wooden. Pictured is the standard black mounting. On the back there are 4 little holes to hang your portraits. They fit thumbtacks and screw tops perfectly, which means these portraits hang flush to your walls, and no bumpers are required.

These can also be gently wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust, though a chemical-free and lint-free dusting cloth is recommended. We warn against scrubbing the tops of these art pieces as they are archival prints and can be damaged by rubbing, scratching, etc.wall-art-samples-canvas-standout-prints-backing-and-edges

How do I get my hands on some of these?

The answer is quite simple. You may purchase these lovely art pieces to hang in your home from any ordering session with Stephanie’s Photographs. They are available using any image from your portrait session. The most popular sizes are 20×30, 30×40, and the occasional 40×60 as focal points for larger walls, and in groupings (more than one image) between 11×14 and 20×30.

How do I book a session?

You can call Stephanie directly at 613-371-4594 or email to find out the best availability for your portrait session. Newborn photography sessions are best captured within the first 2 weeks from birth, Maternity portraits are the most flattering between weeks 26-36, and Family portrait sessions are most popular in the spring and fall.

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